Glyde Rewards Program

NOTICE: Glyde Rewards is Ending

The Glyde Rewards program has been cumbersome and we have heard our customers communicate the desire to save, but not keep track of points. Therefore, we are ending this program. Customers will have until March 31, 2023 to use the points already accrued. Points will no longer be earned on purchases beginning January 30, 2023. 


Here are the available rewards you can redeem.

Points Earned Reward
1500 Glyde Points $10 discount
3000 Glyde Points $20 discount
4500 Glyde Points $30 discount
6000 Glyde Points $40 discount
7500 Glyde Points $50 discount


How do I know if I’ve earned Glyde Points?

Log into your account at and click the Glyde Rewards button to view the Rewards panel. Any purchase made in your account will earn points. You will also receive an email confirmation when you earn points.

How do I redeem points for rewards?

Log into your account at and go to the Rewards panel. Then select the discount you want to use and select Redeem to copy your unique discount code which can be used at checkout. Unfortunately, rewards discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional discounts. Our online store will only allow one discount code at a time. 

I have a Glyde autoship subscription, how do I redeem my reward (discount)?

Use your discount code for a one-time order. These points cannot be redeemed with existing auto-ship subscriptions. 

Do my Glyde Points expire?

This program will be ending. Glyde Rewards Points will expire on March 31, 2023.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

You can reset your password on the Customer Login page.

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Glyde Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

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